About Our Phones

Our phones are built for the tropics and fit in quite nicely on the pool deck, at the beach bar or anywhere your spirit of adventure takes you.

We know how important your phone is to you. Your phone is packed with valuable personal and business information that if lost or compromised can ruin your entire vacation, We will go as far as to say your cell phone is irreplaceable. Your vacation is unscripted so anything can happen. Many cellphones have inadvertently taken a dip in the pool with their owner and alas, cell phones aren’t known for their swimming abilities. Some have fallen victim to a careless spill of an alcoholic beverage. Unfortunately, they do not work very well after being immersed in a rum punch either. Believe me, We have tried. Feel at ease knowing that if, God forbid, any mishap should befall your Island Phone it is replaceable. We do encourage you to take care of it as if is were your own, but as mentioned before, anything can happen on your vacation. All it takes is a call to us or a message on facebook and we will replace your phone so that so you are still connected for the remainder of your vacation. And all this would cost is a replacement fee of USD60.00 For our voice plan phones and USD120.00 for our smart phones with internet plan.    

 We serve the 3 major resort areas in Jamaica which are Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril.  If you are planning to rent a cell phone in Jamaica you are on the right page.

All phones come with a sim card with a local number and Local / International Credit