1) How do you make an overseas call?
1 + areacode + phone number. eg To call Miami 13053214555

2) How do you make a local call within Jamaica?
Jamaica has  one area code which is 1876. When calling within Jamaica there is no need to include an area code. Just the 7 digit telephone number

3) What is the cost to send a text overseas?
To send a text to any overseas destination the cost is JMD6.00 which is equal to approximately 6 cents in US currency. All incoming texts are free

4) What is the cost to make and receive international calls?
On our international plan, calls to cellular and land lines in the US, Canada, India and china and land lines in the UK and spain are free. All incoming calls are free

5) How do you place a call to a Jamaican number from overseas?
1+Area Code+ 7 digit number eg. 18769523214

6) How do you add credit to make local calls?
You buy a voucher from the specified service provider which is Digicel or Lime. You then dial *121*voucher number plus hash tag (#) and press send. For any clarification dial 100 and you will get connected to customer service for that service provider.

7) What type of number will I be assigned when I rent a cell phone?
This will be a local 1876 number which is the area code for Jamaica.

8) What is  Primary Balance?
Primary balance is the call credit used to make local calls and text. This is not related to your international minutes.

9) Why do I hear a recording that says “your primary balance is low”?
Primary balance is used to make local calls or text. Whenever that balance becomes low you will get that recording even when making an international call. This will not hinder you from making an international call.

 10) How do I check my call credit?

 Dial 100 or *120#

11) Can I send a sms text?

To send a sms text will subtract from your Primary balance. All incoming texts are free

12) Are overseas toll free numbers included in my free International minutes?
No. To call a toll free number will subtract from your primary balance. 

13) Do I get local minutes?
You get 1 hour credit to make local calls. This will be your primary balance. This credit can also be used to send sms texts or call 1-800 toll free numbers. This will however reduce the credit available to make local calls..

14) What is the penalty for lost or damaged phones?
Loss or damage to cell phone will attract a  USD60.00 replacement cost except for smartphones which will attract a charge of USD120.00
Loss of sim card. USD 10.00
Loss or damage of phone charger USD15.00

15) Do I get call details in my invoice?
Currently all the phones being provided by Island Phone Rentals are prepaid therefore no call logs are kept.

16) Where do I pick up my rented phone?  

At the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. (MBJ) . You will be met by a representative after clearing customs.




All phones come with a sim card with a local number and Local / International Credit