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Taking a road trip? No problem


Our cell phones have excellent coverage right throughout the island and in addition to unlimited overseas calling, you also get 1 hour to make local calls. This can be used to call a taxi to take you sightseeing, book a dinner reservation at a local fine dining restaurant or call the hotel of that couple that you met on the flight down to schedule a get-together. You’re in charge, you decide. 

All incoming calls and texts are also free. Let IslandPhones take care of your communication needs. Disconnect from the smart phone and tablet. Our phones give you the best value and is also the most practical option. There are computer programs that you can download to your computer to make calls but most hotels in Jamaica limit free wifi access to the lobby. Is that where you want to be hanging out for your vacation? And what if someone wants to call you back. That gets complicated. That’s not what your vacation is about. Calling cards are also available but call boxes are extremely rare in Jamaica and are more of a museum piece than an actual useable tool. So you would then have to use the hotel operator to complete your call. This attracts a connection fee charged by the hotel plus a per minute fee that is usually around USD2.00 per minute. If you decide to use your own phone and roam on a local network the cost can also be very high especially if using a smart phone. This is because some service providers will bill you anytime your phone downloads from the network. This is something that smart phones do so you will be billed even without making a call. Remember, telecom companies charge different international rates depending if you are dialing to a cell phone or to a landline. Calls to cell phones are generally significantly more expensive. Therefore, if you ask you usual carrier what the rate is to call, say Canada or the United Kingdom, by default they will give you the landline rate which is misleading. Some ‘smart’ phone applications (aka ‘apps’) are also known to request data downloads on a regular basis. This data downloading by applications can also cause large phone bills. In addition, some ‘smart’ phone applications (aka ‘apps’) that require the use of downloaded material which is copyrighted, for example applications using music, video, etc., will not work in your vacation destination because of licensing issues related to the copyrighted data.

When traveling internationally once your phone is turned on in the country you are traveling you are registered internationally and all calls to your cell phone are billed at the international rate whether you phone is turned on or not.It’s called an international divert. This is because the network will not know your phone is not on until it tries to contact it. An incoming call has to go to the international network to try your phone. It is then routed back to your home network to “complete” the call to your voice mailbox. Therefore, the call is in fact going through both your home network (USA) and the roaming network . A call starting in New York City (USA) would go from NYC to the where you are on vacation, and then back to the USA to complete the call. You have to pay for the call on both your home network and the international network. Not all providers do this.

Cell phone networks in the United States use several different technologies to transmit information. Only one of these, time division multiple access (TDMA) supports Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), the international standard used in Europe, Australia and much of Asia and Africa. This is also the standard used in Jamaica


Having the convenience and security of an international cell phone is a welcome enhancement to anyone’s travel experience. Our products and services are an exceptional value

If needed, you can simply add more local talk time to your account by purchasing a scratch-off recharge card and entering the unique code off the card into the handset.

At many resorts on the island wifi, while available, is NOT free.

At some resorts wifi speeds as low as .25 Mbps have been found. Slow wifi speeds may make voice and data transfers hard or impossible.

Note: Visitors to some resorts report that wifi is not reliable in some or all of the resort if it is available at their resort.

Some resorts outsource long distance (calls to overseas destinations off the island) telephone service to a third party. There may be a sticker on the phone or a sign/card next to the phone giving an access number for use to place long distance calls. The third party will ask for a credit card number to be entered when placing a call. These third party phone services often have ultra high charges and long minimum call lengths. Charges for use of these services can be outrageous.


Island Phone Rentals will not charge you for voice mail retrieval

No shipping costs. On similar services where your unit is shipped to you this shipping cost can be as much as $50.00 round trip. We drop off and pick up your phone at no extra cost.


A majority of the world’s cellphone subscribers use the GSM technology standard, according to the GSM Association. In the United States, the major carriers use two systems GSM and CDMA, an incompatible technology.

To complicate matters, the American GSM standard operates on 850 and 1900 megahertz, while the rest of the GSM world uses 900 and 1800 megahertz.

To use an American GSM cellphone in a foreign country, the handset you own must be quad-band and able to operate on one or both of the frequencies used outside the United States.

To protect against fraud, American cell phones are typically blocked from making calls when used abroad.


Nobody wants to be sitting by the phone while on vacation. Typically this would mean that you are in your room waiting on the phone to ring or trying to place a call through the hotel switchboard. With Island Phone Rentals you could be sitting by the pool or at the beach bar with your phone in easy reach. No problem

Cost Effective

Save up to 95% over roaming rates plus with the added assurance that you get great coverage anywhere in the island

No Hidden Charges 

After you rent a phone from us there is no other charges. There is no tax, surcharge, access fee or connection fee. In addition to unlimited calling tro the US, Canada, China, Spain India and Uk you get 1 hour to make local call. We beleve that this is more than enough as we dont expect you to make so many friends on the Island who are outside of the resort. But if this is not enough local minutes then you can optionally purchase top up minutes at any cornerstore that are always within walking distance of your resort, Some hotels even sell top up cards on property. Just ask your friendly waiter, bartender or front desk staff. Just be sure to buy for the correct network. There are 2 major networks in Jamaica. Digicel and Lime.

Island Phone Rentals VS other options. 

Calling card: Many of the major United States and Canadian phone companies (for example AT&T) offer international calling cards for those with their regular phones . You dial a phone number in Jamaica, in some cases a Jamaican 1-800 number,  to get a second dial tone. Then you dial a number off the calling card and the phone number you wish to call. The charge for the call will appear on the bill for your home phone. You are in essence placing an international collect call and cost is rather high  (call your home phone company for rates). This option is normally usable only if a few short calls are to be made. Also keep in mind that most resorts will charge you a fee to access the Jamaican phone system each time you use your calling card .

Pre-paid phone card: Pre-paid phone cards can be purchased at many shops, including most resort gift shops, in Jamaica. Follow the instructions on how to activate and use the card. You should attempt to match the number of minutes on the card with your planned usage. Once the card is activated there is normally a limit on how long the minutes you purchased are valid. Unused minutes will ‘expire’ even if paid for. Also keep in mind that most resorts will charge you a fee to access the Jamaican phone system each time you use your pre-paid phone card (ask at your hotel for their charge, if any).

A pre-paid phone card purchased in the United States or Canada may not work in Jamaica, if it does, it will often have significant charges associated with the use of an international 1-800 or other local (Jamaican) access number.


Other notes:

* Calling from Jamaica back to the United States or Canada is like calling within the United States or Canada (1-area code-###-####).

* The prevalence of public phones in Jamaica has declined precipitously over the last few years. Don’t count on finding many public phones. If you do find a public phone, you’ll need a Jamaican phone card to use it.

* Dial 119 for police emergencies while in Jamaica (NOT 911); 114 for telephone directory, not 411.

 If you are planning to rent a cell phone in Jamaica you are on the right page.

All phones come with a sim card with a local number and Local / International Credit